Animal Heroes – Survivor Stories

Do you know of a canine hero who deserves some recognition? We want to share as many Survivor Stories as possible to illustrate how dogs can live a wonderful quality of life with cancer. Please email Cera Reusser at with your story and photos of your survivor.

My fiance, Danny, and I got Cali, our Scott(Standard) Type American Bulldog, after she had been in a seemingly traumatic experience. She was dumped off at a friend’s house and when we saw her she had a huge burn on … Read more

I so very much enjoy getting survivor stories, thank you Aly for sharing your beautiful girl  Clementine, wishing you both many great years to come. I adopted Clementine in August of 2005. She is my first dog and boy did … Read more

Clyde has always been a very healthy dog yet as he’s approaching 11 years old, I have been getting more worried about potential problems. Being a veterinarian I see every day the diseases and illnesses that dogs develop, especially older … Read more

We got Fiona as a rescue in 2006. She was around 1.5 years old. Fiona is a energetic happy dog that loves going for walks, hiking, and going to the beach. During the fall of 2007, we began noticing that Fiona … Read more

My name is Frodo and I am an eight year old cancer survivor. I have recently passed my four year cancer free period, so its looking pretty good for me now to have a normal life expectancy.  One morning four years … Read more

On March 29, 2007, I took Gypsy into my local vets to have them look at her left front leg. She had been limping for a few days and I was sure that she and her brother had played too … Read more

I am a dog trainer so of course “dog lover” is an understatement! On October 24th 2008 I was on my way to see a client when I spotted a dog running right through the middle of a busy intersection…as … Read more

I love to receive notes like this, I’d like to introduce you all to Harley please enjoy his story. Thank you so much Thor for sharing Harley with Chase Away, much love to you and your wife and keep on … Read more

Why Early Detection is Vital This is a rather easy “survivor” story to write, as far as cancer goes. Kelley came to us ironically enough, after our beloved yellow Lab, KC (or Casey) died from cancer. He initially was diagnosed … Read more

Kess is a spunky gal who doesn’t let much of anything slow her down. She was adopted at 6 months old from Whatcom County Animal Control. She is the second dog I have owned and it soon became clear that … Read more

I like to think that I take good care of my dogs- you know, regular vet checks, quality food, lots of exercise and an active lifestyle. So we were understandably distraught when we found that one of our “furkids,” Jake, … Read more

I’m Mariah’s Mom. I was battling a life threatening medical illness and in a wheelchair when I came across an organization that places Service Dogs with persons with disability & hearing impairments.   I was improving and wanted to help … Read more

Miss Talla Dega is a high energy yellow lab I purchased for hunting and companionship. Dock diving is a great bonus in her purpose. In June 2008 after a normal sunny day playing at the water park, Dega began limping … Read more

The following is a note from Rufus’s Mom, you will read how dear Rufus is and how he is doing in his battle against cancer.  You can look him up and keep up on his fight on Facebook by friending … Read more

In 2011, our Cocker Spaniel Sawyer was diagnosed with an aggressive Lymphoma and given 6-12 months to live. He was only 4 years old. My husband and I were devastated. After looking back on the history that led up to … Read more

Scitzo was first diagnosed with lymphoma and started chemotherapy 2/13/08. She has been in remission since the first treatment – 5 YEARS!  Her onset was different than the “normal” symptoms, hers presented with a red eye for a few weeks … Read more

The year was 2006. Summer was fast approaching. I had lost my first dog, my beloved boy Kadin, to prostate cancer only months before. I was still trying to pick up the shattered pieces of my heart when one of … Read more

My name is Kelsy and I want to share a survivor story with you.  I want to share our message of early detection because I think that what has saved my dog’s life. Travis (my husband) and I adopted two … Read more

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