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Curie was a beloved family member along with being an amazing athlete, flyball dog, dock dog, and even did a little nosework. Curie and her sister were incredibly fast and majestic when they raced. They floated and flew over the hurdles. Skeet and Curie have and always will retain the the fastest UFLI time for pairs of 7.973 seconds by two labs; unless possibly another two Eromit Labs challenge that title and run together. They raced as “ The Talkers” the name of their litter from Eromit Labrador Retrievers, Maggie/Ace 2012.

One of Curie’s most loved friends was Yoshi, a gentle giant, who passed away after a six month battle with osteosarcoma in 2017. I could not imagine oral melanoma would take Curie in February 2023. I found a growth on her lower left lip during her daily teeth brushing in March 2022. Even with immediate surgical removal and the only viable treatment for the aggressive oral melanoma, Oncept vaccinations, the cancer returned with a vengeance. She had almost a year of symptom free life because of that early detection. Please check your pets daily and on the fourteenth of every month.

Those who’ve had the honor of sharing lives with these precious souls understand the many, changing and unexpected emotions we experience. It is a difficult time negotiating the unpredicted flow of feelings that strike when least expected. There are moments that bring a smile and a laugh as well as many tears.

Curie did not compete much after we moved to Gualala and lost over two years of potential competition because of Covid as the rest of the world lost so much and more along with many lives. Curie was her happiest in Gualala because she daily spent time with her sister, Skeet, and nephew Trapp. And in my opinion her greatest title was best friend and confidant. Always ready to make me smile with a tail wag and kiss. She was happy, energetic and loving for her entire life even as cancer stole her from us.

Scroll past her performance photos to view the dress up photos that she tolerated, but did not like. Curie was quite the comedian.

Action photos by Caroline Fenton who perfectly captured Curie’s style.

Caroline Fenton approved using her photos.


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