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Sadie & Canela / honored by Leashed Favorite Dog Club

A group of disc doggers recently donated $1,150 to Chase Away K9 Cancer

The UpDog* Challenge Video Games were new, UpDog disc games created by a small group of passionate UpDog Challenge judges. The goal was to provide a fun activity disc doggers could do safely, even with dogs new to disc, without the need to travel during the COVID-19 quarantine.  *UpDogChallenge currently offers ten official full-field games for standard competition (eligible for AKC titles).

Nearly 700 teams around the world registered and had fun learning new disc games and competing over a seven-week period during May and June. The club that earned the most cumulative points over the seven weeks received $1,000 to donate to a charity of their choice.

Leashed Favorite Dog Group (LF) based in Michigan was among those that competed. Virtual players for LF – made up of 17 people and 34 dogs – earned 1st place overall in the UpDog Video Games. Chase Away K9 Cancer was LF’s chosen charity to receive its $1,000 donation.

memory Sadie

Additionally, one LF club member team also earned 1st place overall in the games. He chose to offer one of their prizes – a custom collar from By the Scruff – as a raffle and raised an additional $150 donation for Chase Away K9 Cancer. That additional donation is being made in memory of his Sadie, a rescue Collie/Shepherd mix lost to stomach cancer last fall at the age of nine, and a raffle donor’s dog Canela, lost to liver cancer at the age of 12.

Special thanks Chase Away K9 Cancer for all you do to help the fight against cancer.


My heart goes out to the families of Sadie & Canela for the loss of their two beautiful family members, losing our pups to cancer is such a tragedy and with your love and support we will continue to try our best to fund more k9 cancer studies giving the veterinarians the tools to help them live longer and healthier lives.

Much love….. Cera

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