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Kyrie and MeHow do I say goodbye to you, my perfect girl?Kyrie retirement adjusted 2

The one I waited twenty one years for.

The one that made all of my dreams come true.

The one that brought so much joy in my life.

How do I live each day without you?

No silly girl waiting to greet me.

Just an empty spot that was yours.

The sound of your voice no more.

How can I ever enjoy my walks again?SSP_0024

No happy prancing girl by my side,

an empty harness sitting on a hook.

A flexi leash without an owner.

How do I sleep at night when your bed is empty?

The blanket in my bed remains in your spot.

Maybe I will have sweet dreams of you tonight.

So in the morning the day will be a bit easier to bear.

How do I ever get over the single tear in your eye?

When I wanted to yell stop,

But knew it had to be done.

Please tell me how my heart is ever going to heal.

How can I get the hurt out of my heart?


Run my Sweet “Little Bear”

Someday I will run with you again.

Love you Kyrie



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