Josie was a 10 yr old Bassett Hound when I discovered two knots, one on each of her lips. Two weeks later the lymph nodes on the neck became enlarged, and we sought the help of Dr. Hamilton at Georgia Veterinary Specialists right away.

We started Josie on her first round of chemo. Except for nausea immediately after treatment and being lethargic, Josie tolerated the chemo very well. The lymph nodes did not respond to the first set of treatments, so a second round with a different set of drugs was performed. Josie’s lymph nodes went back to normal very quickly with no side effects.

Unfortunately, Josie later developed a disease unrelated to the cancer. Her esophagus became dilated which resulted in her inability to keep down food and water. This condition caused her to contract pneumonia and Josie’s subsequent death.

The chemo experience was much less painful for Josie than I would have ever thought it would be.

Betsy Perez

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