Please Support Chase’s supporters, thank you !!

There are all kinds of heroes and we’d like to recognize our business and corporate heroes who support our cause. We are very fortunate to have several businesses dedicated to Chase Away K9 Cancer. We are very thankful to the companies listed below for allocating a portion of specific proceeds to the campaign. Please consider these other opportunities to support the Chase!

Royal Canin

Premium Dog and Cat Food have been very supportive of Chase Away K9 Cancer for over 10 years.  The love and support we received from Royal Canin is priceless to help us continue to be able to attend events and help spread k9 cancer awareness.

Three Scoops of Vanilla


I was honored when Cera requested that I make a bracelet in honor of her amazing girl, Chase. I came up with this piece. The colors of the beads in this bracelet are that of those found in the Chase Away logo. The charm on this piece represents the dogs that so many of us have lost to cancer (me included) and how we hold them in our hearts. I finished this piece off with a bit of orange bling that represents the color of Chase’s collar. A donation of $10.00 will be made to Chase Away K-9 Cancer for each of these bracelets that are sold.    Erin

Chase Away K9 Cancer Bracelet link

Thank you Erin for producing such a beautiful peace of jewelry for Chase away, I let Mama to be Elsie May model it for me 🙂

Vetri-Science Laboratories  / Team GlycoFlex

Our good friends from Vetri-Science are always there to help us out anytime we call, they provide annual sponsorship of our dog runs in Vermont and Washington state each fall along with many other events each year across the country to help us spread k9 cancer awareness. If you are looking for great healthy supplements and other good nutrition for your pets visit please their site.

Menopaws Agility

Check out the great stuff from Menopaws and when you make a purchase at their booth at agility trials they will donate a dollar per purchase to Chase Away K9 cancer. They have a great line of handcrafted jewelry, gifts, and t-shirts and be sure to thank them for their support of Chase Away K9 Cancer.  Pat’s great products are also available online so please show her your support !!

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PRT Products is extremely proud to announce that we are partnering with Chase Away K9 Cancer! This is a cause that is close to our heart and we will be introducing a line of products that bear the Chase Away logo, including blinds and apparel. A portion of the proceeds from these sales will be donated to Chase Away in order to help continue the fight against K9 cancer! Join us in this fight!!!

Checkout PRT Products for your Retriever training products




We love the custom dog tags that are shared with us from our friends at If you are looking for some fun stylish bling please check them out and tell them that “Chase Away K9 Cancer” sent you.  Here are just a couple of the cool tags they have shared with us, go ahead  and have them dial up something special for you and your pups!


 Photography by M

Marilyn and Marty Barrett specialize in photographing dog sporting events such as agility trials and dock diving contests.

In honor of the two dogs they lost to cancer, Dusty and ShyAnne, they are donating a portion of their proceeds to Chase Away K9 Cancer.

To see if they will be at an event near you, or to schedule them at your event, visit Photography by M’s web page

Thank you, Marilyn and Marty, for your ongoing help to Chase Away K9 Cancer. We know that Dusty, ShyAnne and Dunkin are very proud!

 Does Your Business Want to Get Involved?

If you own a business and would like to help or if you are interested in corporate sponsorship, please contact Cera Reusser at

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