2012 – 2013 Studies

These grants are from funds that Chase Away K9 Cancer housed with the ACVIM Foundation and National Canine Cancer Foundation.  Grants were funded in late 2012 and early 2013.


ACVIM Foundation Grants

#12-02 Chase, Dr. Bonnie Boudreaux (PI) “Retropharyngeal lymph node evaluation in canine head and neck tumors” $13,496.25 Louisiana State University

#12-05 Chase, Dr. Paul Hess (PI) “Investigation of MHC class I molecule downregulation in canine tumors” $6,318  NC State

#12-07 Chase, Dr. Kari Lunsford (PI) “Aspirin as platelet-releasate modulator: Minimizing pro-angiogenic priming” $29,751  Mississippi State

#12-08 Chase, Dr. Nicola Mason (PI) “An investigation into the significance of viral-associated canine lymphoma” $34,780 University of Pennsylvania

National Canine Cancer Foundation Grants

#DT06PA-001, Dr. Andrei Thomas-Tikhonenko, Ph.D. (PI) “Therapeutic inhibition of angiogenesis in canine tumors” $18,000 University of Pennsylvania

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